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Compounded with the skin issue disorder, the dermatologist also found the child suffered from asthma.  We were also advised of his diminished immune system, making him highly vulnerable to common disease, infection and allergies.  Much to our dismay, we were advised that no cure existed for the skin condition deficiency.  We were happy to learn that he could outgrow his asthma condition sometime between the age of 8 to 12 years.  Most disappointing were the adverse side-effects from available maintenance medicine that included the then most effective skin medications and steroids.  While these were effective in contributing to a temporary somewhat balanced healthy status, steroids provided for super-hyper behavior and life-long lasting effects that promise to hinder future sports, the much recommended physical exercise and physical-related occupational opportunities.

There seemed to be no cure in sight in conventional available medical practices.  The limited conventional alternatives available for short-term temporary relief prompted the child’s grandmother, Malena Medrano, to launch her quest in pursuit of permanent relief.  Her research for alternative options resulted in her certification in the study of Naturopathy (natural medicine & alternative therapies).  The end-result provided the child with the opportunity to interact normally with his everyday tasks and expectations. 

 It was during this time that Malena realized the need to help those with limited conventional medical options and help them in their pursuit of a healthier standard of life.
  It was the limited conventional medical practice options and the numerous damaging side effects of popular conventional medicine that gave birth to  Alternativas-Naturales , your one-stop source for high quality affordable natural remedies and alternative therapeutic practice.

Malena Medrano, ND continues her on-going study of the latest trending Naturopathic medicine and alternative therapies.

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Alternativas-Naturales  is your alternative natural medicine and therapy team that specializes in proven nutricional supplements, detox procedures, homeopathy, biomagnetismo, holistic therapies and more. 

Our primary objective at  Alternativas-Naturales  is to help others achieve a healthier state at a minimal cost with the latest available natural alternatives.  We recommend cleansing the body of existing virus, bacteria, parasites, and existing symptoms responsible for any ailment, infection, discomfort, sickness or illness via an initial recommended detox procedure.  Thereafter, we proceed to rebuilding the body's immune system by utilizing recommended natural supplements and implementing natural therapies as needed. 

At  Alternativas-Naturales  we are committed not only to restoring the body's ability to combat any given issue and/or condition, but to best self-combat any future common ailments, infections, diseases and chronic adverse health conditions.

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The youngest of three grandchildren was born with a skin disorder that could not be diagnosed nor defined at the time of his birth.  Hospital staff doctors and nurses alike could not offer a clear explanation to this uncommon, unexpected health condition.  Faced with this unusual event both parents and grandparents accepted this circumstance as a challenge: a calling from God.  “God sent us this child in this condition for a reason,” we concluded.

After repeated visits with numerous local pediatricians we were advised to seek diagnosis from a renowned skin dermatologist.  The skin specialist found that it was an extremely rare skin condition defined as Ichthyosis Vulgaris - a genetic skin disorder characterized as extremely dry, scaling, itchy skin that may be either thick or thin affecting one born out every 150,000.